Feedback received from previous YTVC Conferences:

“Very well organised, very professional and enjoyed listening to the speakers which all provided a great deal of knowledge and advice. Taskforce Argos did a great deal of the organising and the hard work has paid off, well done. Definitely coming back next year”

“Found the case studies extremely informative as an investigator”

“This conference is the most thought provoking event I have attended in my 28 years as a Police Officer. This conference reinforces and strengthens internal relationships with Taskforce Argos and other LEA agencies”

“Friendly staff, very welcoming, well organised and helpful, welcome drinks were a great source of being able to network and meet course speakers and participants”

“Joe Sullivan a very compelling and knowledgeable speaker, Adele Desirs & Paul Griffiths, both provided presentations I found very informative and relevant, victim Identification is so important”

“Dinner – Entertainment was fantastic, food superb, venue perfect”

“Continue to be inspired and impressed by the quality of this conference”

“A very well run conference, excellent cross section of speakers and international guests”

“Polygraphs and child sex offenders. Rarely do we get the chance to get an insight into the mind of an offender. Some helpful information and tips for our investigations”

“The concurrent sessions were specific to the departments attending and very suitable. Well organised by ARGOS!”

“The work shops were very good as I learnt some new skills”

“I would like to thank all those who arrange and work hard to put the conference on as it is very beneficial, and with time I hope more interstate, O/S officers attend and share their stories and ideas. Great conference and again thankyou”

“Dr Joe Sullivan and Dr Michael Bourke’s sessions were equally as brilliant as each others”

“Fantastic conference as always, looking forward to next years event!”

“ACMA presentation was very interesting as it discussed contemporary issues / trends in the online arena”

“Mr Michael Bourke’s talk – widen my eyes when analysing sex offenders”

“It was a fabulous forum for networking and information gathering.  The dinner held in the middle of the conference was fantastic as it provided opportunity to converse with staff met the night prior”

“It is clearly obvious the thought, time & effort that has gone into the planning of the conference with a wide range of presenters from various agencies. All of the presentations were thought provoking. Well done Argos” –  ( Joanne Henderson – NZ Police)

“Very privileged to have had the opportunity to attend. Excellent conference with many aspiring speakers” – (Jess Malloy – QPS)

“Brilliant conference. QPS should be proud of themselves for hosting such a first rate conference”

“Listening to these people has redefined the word ‘hero’ for me”

“The case study presentations were relevant, informative, thought-provoking”

“They don’t pay you guys enough…”